Weddings are A once in A lifetime event between 2 people. So why not make it memorable by adding entertainment with A personal touch me DJ ECOG. I work with you from the first step to the day of ensuring you have A smooth transition into the moments you say I do.


What type of music do you listen to? Is it something you want to dance to? Well lets craft A music selection just for your wedding. I play in A lot of bars and special events so I have a large selection of music from every genre pop, hip hop, edm, top 40s, throwbacks, slow jams, latin, big band and country with many more selections from your choosing. Music is key to keep people dancing so lets put together a killer selection.


look professional, sound professional, be enjoyable. What do you need for your special day? Do you need A very involved by the book person keeping people updated every often? Or do you need a relaxed person to be able to go with the flow but maintain the audience? Im here for your night to be a success so tell me what you need.


Weddings as A whole are expensive from the flowers, to the venue. The entertainment is another expense so lets help you get through this with out loosing an arm or a leg, your spouse may want that later. And when looking to book A DJ I don’t expect you to be an expert on all the inner workings of this industry so things lets talk about what you need and what you want to make your wedding a success. A few of the factors I base my pricing on is duration, lighting, sound needs, how involved you want me to be, and special requests so email me or give me a call (I also text for A faster response).

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