Welcome to the party! I do a lot of different styles of events that will be marked for the style of event. I host dancers events and DJ at bars most weekends this is the best way to find my upcoming events.

I throw A hell of A party mixing from hip-hop to EDM to top 40’s so there is something for everyone. And every once in A while I get to go in real hard and those are the nights you want to be at! So here’s my list of gigs, so you know where to find me. This is my calendar and that is  Come to dance or just listen to some good tunes.

Lets dance! I’ll even get out and dance with you when I have the time. Salsa, bachata, edm, hiphop, trap, club anthems top 40’s and more.


3/3 Rabbit Hole

3/4 Fur Shop

3/5 Motown & Funk brunch

5 O'Clock Somewhere

3/10 Reds bar

3/11 Reds bar

3/24 the Fur Shop

3/26 The Sunday Throwback

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